Crusher Machine

Crusher function should be able to meet the production yield in the production line is expected to achieve the design requirements, the processing of raw materials is very important, for example, to the shale, coal gangue as the main raw material of functional production line, crusher can meet the needs of the whole production line requirements, otherwise it would be the follow-up device can not function properly. The new large production crushing machine not only production, the expected size of small savings and streamline the crushing system dedusting equipment, adjustable beat piece, long life, thereby reducing maintenance time broken system greatly increase production yields.

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The new crusher machine features

1. Equipment Precision high yield: such as brick and tile production line, the traditional use of broken equipment, its production does not substantially exceed 25t / h. In meeting the size requirements of the premise, the new production crushing machine is much higher than other crushing equipment, new production of a hammer breaking machines to meet the annual output of 60 million standard brick production line, in addition, other industries crushing machine Although the yield is also high, marking granularity of the material 3mm, but this refers to the average particle size of 3mm. That is, these materials out of the crusher machine in part more than 3mm, you also need to conduct a screening. The new crushing machine is not required.

2.Save removal equipment hit pieces, long life: to reduce maintenance time broken the system: the state allows to reach production standards, workshop materials must increase dedusting equipment. The new crushing machine clever use of the structure of the device itself, the dust collected in the crushing cavity, avoiding the dust. The new crushing machine crushing system simplified, less equipment, will inevitably reduce the probability of failure, replacement of wearing parts and maintenance time is much shorter, crusher machine at work, hitting parts such as hammer, linings, Sieve and other wear and tear inevitably arise, if good material, life president of the striking member, but the good material is very expensive, generally brick business is difficult to bear. The new crushing machine for these striking pieces using a special form of adjustable structure. Although the use of the user can accept the common material, but greatly extended the life of the beat piece. Both to ensure the normal operation of production and follow-up equipment, but also can reduce labor intensity.

Crusher machine development of three major goals

  • 1, ideas and technology innovation, to break the conventional thinking. For the international market, the most important thing is innovation, only through innovation to develop new products with international market competitiveness;
  • 2. Increased automation crushing machine to achieve its intelligent. User-friendly product design, one can greatly improve the production efficiency of the equipment, reduce dependence on labor; on the other hand can increase the security of the device.
  • 3, through the use of new ideas and optimizing the structure design, to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, the real crushing machine become a green product. Energy saving crushing machine is mainly reflected in: dust, noise reduction and energy saving, and therefore the future, we should make efforts in this regard.

Increasing demand for crushing materials, lean ore and waste in the use of the ratio of the increase, growing shortage of energy, to improve the crushing efficiency of more urgent. Develop efficient crusher equipment and improve existing crusher machine equipment, crusher operation to achieve economic, high-quality, high yield, low consumption has great significance. States continue to conduct research and improve the structure of crushing machine is constantly being improved with the development of science and technology, the automation level of crushing machine also increased.

Wear Reason Of Crushing Machine

The crushing machine is the most important equipment. The parts wear is unavoidable. The crushing machine is no exception. How to reduce the parts wear? What are the wear reasons of crushing machine? How about the prevention measures? These are our concern. So today, let’s together discuss these issues. The following is the several wear reasons and prevention measures of crushing machine. Hope it will help you!

Control the coarse crushing granularity and shim phenomenon. The coarse crushing general chooses jaw crusher or cone crusher machine. For the common ores, it needs to be crushed. But the material granularity can’t exceed the size requirement of the machine. In order to effectively control the size, we can install a lattice screen at the entrance of the machine. If we control the particle size, it will reduce the bearing capacity of crusher machine, and effectively reduce the machine wear.

Increase the buffer chamber and material transport channel slope. The influence factors of friction coefficient general are: the nature of the material, temperature and velocity, load, vibration and smoothness. Among them, we can change is the material and loading. As long as we change the buffer silo or material transport channel slope, we can reduce the friction force. So it can reduce the wear of metal wall, and increase the service life. But it must be reformed if conditions permit.

In the metal wall material to pass through, nail a layer of polyurethane board to increase the service life of the metal wall. In addition to increased steel hardness, we can nail a layer of polyurethane protective plate in the warehouse wall. According to the specialty conclusion, hardness has a great effect on the friction coefficient of polyurethane elastomer. In general, the hardness is lower, and the friction coefficient is high. The surface is much smoother, and the friction is less. The iron ore has the high hardness, and polyurethane surface is smooth and elastic. This can reduce the damage of the effective protection of the buffer silo wall. In our daily industry, we use the vibrating feeder. It is also helpful for reducing the wear of crushing machine.

Therefore, the development trend of comprehensive development situation of broken machinery and broken theory, broken machinery will be the following directions:

  • 1. The large-scale development.
  • 2. Development of the light, green, simplified structure direction.
  • 3. to mechatronics, intelligent development.
  • 4. to standardization, serialization, universal development.
  • 5. to design user-friendly development.
  • 6. to finishing, high material development.
  • 7. to efficiency, energy saving direction.
  • 8. Development of the new crushing methods.

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