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Can I Use Silica Sand In My Fish Tank

How to Set up a Sand Tank for Pet Hermit Crab

Playground sand which can be found at home improvement stores works well and is inexpensive though aquarium sand is fine as well You may want to rinse dry and bake the sand (at 300 degrees Fahrenheit) to sterilize it and it can be rewashed and used again Calcium-based sands are nice and come in a wide array of colors but are expensive Get price Get Price

Sand Blasting Sand

Mar 20 2009I have heard conflicting ideas about the use of Silica Sand (AKA Sand Blasting Sand) Some of you might have been seeing my previous posts but I am going to be setting up a 55 gallon (probibly a community tank but it possibly could be a Tropheus Tank ) Can this Silica sand be used in a community setup and what would any Pro's / Con's be? Get price Get Price

How A Padded Aquarium Mat Could Save Your Tank!

Jan 18 2020Think of an aquarium mat as a mattress for your fish tank It gives your aquarium a comfortable spot to rest away from harm such as sand is the padding This helps spread the weight evenly across the surface of the glass my tank is braced tho Can I still put mat? Reply Ian Sterling says January 6 2019 at 2 37 pm Get price Get Price

How to Clean a Fish Tank With Sand (with Pictures)

Oct 26 2019How to Clean a Fish Tank With Sand Keeping your tank clean is a critical part of maintaining the health of your fish However it can be a bit challenging to do a water change with a sand substrate Start by partially emptying your tank Get price Get Price

Pool Filter Sand?

Jan 10 2013Can you use pool filter sand for saltwater aquariums? Reason I ask is I was selling my 72 bowfront setup but I have decided to keep it since there is no interest I had the tank setup with goldfish and was using pool filter sand for the substrate Just picked up a reef capable led from the Get price Get Price

Play sand in a reef tank

Jul 02 2009What is your opinion on putting play sand in a reef tank I've heard that it's not a good idea espicially from fish stores but I'm also reading that it's ok as long as you wash it I know I don't want to spen $500 00 on live sand Any other kind of cheap sand I can use? Get price Get Price

Sand for a Discus Tank?

Aug 27 2009Hey Valery and big WELCOME to Simply Sand is a very nice substrate for a discus tank Most use pool filter sand or silica sand I have used a fine white sand and the fish enjoyed it very much Not sure if you can get this type of sand it was inert and Get price Get Price

Where can I buy Silica (blasting) sand for my aquarium

Dec 17 2007I went to my local Home Depot and found myself some Play Sand but I ended up not liking the color or the amount of cleaning it needed I have heard that Silica Sand is much lighter and nicer to deal with for freshwater aquariums and it won't affect the water chemistry much if at all There is just one problem I can't find it anywhere! Does it go under any other names? Get price Get Price

Choosing the Right Aquarium Substrate

Sea sand is not recommended for use in aquariums because of impurities Sea sand holds many living organisms which can die off and pollute the water Small sea shells and coral pieces will raise the pH it can also compact itself rather densely which is not necessarily beneficial for bottom dwellers crabs and other sand loving fish and species Get price Get Price

Sand Vs Gravel in a Freshwater Aquarium

Sand Vs Gravel in a Freshwater Aquarium by Robert Boumis In the absence of burrowing fish sand can lead to anaerobic dead zones Sand works great as long as you have creatures in the tank that will burrow through it or otherwise stir the sand Planted Tanks Planted tanks are a special circumstance In a planted tank you have to Get price Get Price

can i use beach sand for my sand bed?

Sep 21 2013can i use beach sand for my sand bed? - Setting up a new tank just Fish Man Eric Current tank potential parasites and diseases silica etc Much safer to just use some clean aragonite sand If you have problems with your tank at least you won't have to wonder if it's the sand (it's not easy to replace a sand bed once a tank is up and Get price Get Price

is silica sand harmful to fish?

May 20 2008In fact silica sand is especially appreciated by fish that take mouthfuls of sand when they feed such as the eartheater cichlids and Awaous gobies It is also ideal for use with any fish that like to burrow such as flounders and spiny eels Finding silica sand can be tricky because few aquarium stores actually sell it Get price Get Price

How to Clean Play Sand for an Aquarium

Play sand might have the advantage over other aquarium substrates of being cheap and readily available but you can't just dump it straight in the tank It needs a thorough cleaning regardless of whether children and cats may have buried various revolting things in it first Even if Get price Get Price

How Much Sand Do I Need For My Aquarium?

Sep 05 2018The point here is that sand is the best way to go for these kinds of aquariums due to its ability to house bacteria and microorganism populations which end up being very beneficial for the overall health of the aquarium You can use inert sand which is just sand or you can use live sand (we have covered our top 5 here) Live sand already Get price Get Price

aquarium sand?

Jun 08 2013New To The Freshwater Aquarium Hobby This forum is a friendly place for all the people that are new to the freshwater hobby to post their questions This section makes it quick and easy to find useful information for beginners and get answers to your questions Get price Get Price

Silica Sand

I'm not sure where the idea that silica sand is dangerous to a reef tank came from but typically silica sand is 99 0-99 9% SiO2 (depending on the source and grade) which is about the exact same chemical composition as the glass of your aquarium Stories about I used quartz beach sand and the diatoms exploded in my tank may be Get price Get Price

Jawfish QT Can I use gravel in saltwater tank

Oct 06 2009Can I use gravel in saltwater tank Jawfish QT Can I use gravel in saltwater tank By This tank is entirely inadequate for a fish that needs to borrow for security but I know I can't use any regular reef sand or rock with copper med treatment as it interferes with copper I am going to mix some regular aquarium gravel with silica sand Get price Get Price

Aquarium Gravel and Substrate vs Bare

Apr 07 2014Would be should I turn my hole bare bottom tank into substrate out of the pots or dies that really matter rather way and also yes goldfish eat plants but people keep them in ponds even over stocked ponds with plants so I know it can be done in a fish tank as well so I guess just looking for advise from people who have kept both plants and Get price Get Price

Can i use just silica sand in my aquarium with plants and

Sep 01 2010Can i use just silica sand in my aquarium with plants and fish? ok so i have a 150ltr tank and i want to have plants and fish inside it what i want is to put sand in it (silica sand) but i am unsure if the plants will be ok any advice that you have would be awsome and i thank you in advance G Get price Get Price

Sand in Aquariums A Fish Guide

Jul 25 2019Play Sand This is the most inexpensive way to give a great natural look to your fish tank Play sand can be purchased at most hardware stores for as little as $3 a bag The varying colors and grain sizes make for an attractive substrate Blasting Sand Again this is an inexpensive way to give your tank a natural feel The only difference Get price Get Price

Using silica sand in an aquarium

Sep 07 2007I use silica sand or pool filter sand in all of my tanks and I would never use anything else It is natural looking better on the fish and easier to clean The main thing is turning it over every week or combing it weekly to prevent it from creating pockets under it Get price Get Price

Can i use just silica sand in my aquarium with plants and

Sep 01 2010Can i use just silica sand in my aquarium with plants and fish? ok so i have a 150ltr tank and i want to have plants and fish inside it what i want is to put sand in it (silica sand) but i am unsure if the plants will be ok Get price Get Price

FAQs About Goldfish Systems Gravel

They're happy as the proverbial pigs but if the filter inlet is too close to the bottom of the tank you can end up getting sand in the filter My friend tried using sand but missed his undergravel filter so he's giving me 50# of silica sand and I was considering using that for my future 30 gallon semi-planted goldfish tank Get price Get Price

white sand in a freshwater tank??

Jan 18 2011Your white sand from a saltwater tank probably contains seashells It will make yor water very hard with a high ph You can buy gravel that is white that won't do this Many FW fish won't feel secure with white gravel and will have very washed out colors Get price Get Price

What type of filter is best in a tank with sand substrate?

Aug 18 2011What type of filter is best in a tank with sand substrate? can only speak from my own experience and a new aqua clear 110 that I put on a couple of months ago with a quite coarse sand substrate on my 75 gallon tank sounds like something is constantly being ground up in the filter Pool sand [silica] is a smaller but HEAVIER weight grain Get price Get Price

Play Sand

I used play sand for my 90g and did not rinse at all I did use a cookie tray to put water onto when filling it up My water was cloudy over night I rinsed my mechanical filters in the morning and by that evening my water was clear When I move things around in the tank I get mildly cloudy water over night but I'm always clear in te morning Get price Get Price

Causes and Cures for Brown Algae in Aquariums

Silica can build up in the aquarium from tap water that is high in silicic acid It can also leach from some types of substrates that you may be using such as silica sand If the problem is due to high silica in the water and Brown Algae seems to persist get a special silicate-absorbing resin for the tank's filter Get price Get Price

question for Python users with sand

Jul 24 2016So I've had fish in my tank for a couple weeks now and I'm using a Python to do water changes I'm also trying to vacuum up refuse such as fish poo and uneaten food If you have sand in your tank how is this working for you? The sand I'm using is #20 grade silica pool filter sand The last Get price Get Price

Silica In Your Aquarium

May 30 2014Randy Holmes-Farley Ph D an aquarium enthusiast dosed silica in his 90-gallon reef tank for two years and found levels would consistently return to zero after just 4 days see the graph at right for more detail 3 In our oceans active consumption of Silica by Diatoms in surface waters tend to leave concentration levels of just a few mM while depths of 1000 meters and below can reach silica Get price Get Price


Mar 11 2011I used silica sand that is sold as Granusil Silican Sand You're right the stuff is very white which I wanted I got mine from Menard's I had to rinse it a bit before putting it in the tank and it obviously clouds the tank when I do a good stirring but so far my fish love it and I Get price Get Price

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